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What's the problem with the blue screen when the computer can't be turned on?
1. Generally caused by system software, memory and hard disk.

2. If you can't enter the system, you can go to the system to select the last correct configuration (which can solve the error caused by wrong driver installation) and the security mode with network connection (there is a network after entering, and then use 360 software to get it down), which may be repaired.

3. click start menu to run and enter cmd enter, and enter at the command prompt.
For% 1in (%windir% \ system32 \ *. dll) do regsvr32.exe/s% 1 and press enter. Then let him run, should be possible to solve

4. Recently, the computer was poisoned, unstable software was installed, etc. It is suggested to completely kill virus, remove the software that caused the problem, and reinstall other versions, which may solve the problem. If not, it is ok to reinstall the system.

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