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DJS TECH Daily use and maintenance of touch screen POS machine
DJS TECH Daily use and maintenance of touch screen POS machine
Touch screen POS daily use precautions

1 Before starting the machine, you must check whether the power supply is tight. If it is loose, you must plug it in before you can turn it on.

2 The following boot sequence must be followed: peripheral devices (printer, guest display, etc.), host.

3 The cashier does not allow hard objects to hit the touch screen, the main unit, etc. when using the cash register.

4 The cashier can only click on the touch screen with his finger, and it is forbidden to use the nail or other object (magnetic card) to click on the touch screen.

5 It is not allowed to place liquids that are easy to tip over on the cash register and in the surrounding area.

6 Do not use sharp points, strokes, or cut touch screens.

7 Do not place any liquid on the touch screen.

8 During use, you must shut down normally. Do not press the power switch or unplug the power plug without exiting the system.

9 When the program is wrong or other factors cause the machine to not respond for a long time, press and hold the power switch for five seconds to turn the machine off.

  Do not pull the power switch directly.

Touch screen POS daily maintenance considerations

1 The cashier must keep the cash register clean and tidy, and can not place any other items on the cash register and around it to prevent the cash register from being affected.

Cooling effect.

2 The cashier must regularly check the connection of various power lines and data lines.

3 The cashier must periodically clean the touch screen with glass. First, spray the glass cleaner on a soft cloth or towel, then scrub the touch screen.

4 It is forbidden to spray the glass directly on the touch screen.

5 The cashier must clean the foreign objects inside the cash box regularly.

6 It is strictly forbidden to use liquid such as water during the process of cleaning the touch screen and cash drawer.

7 When cleaning the machine, it is forbidden to use corrosive cleaning liquid.

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