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How to clean the dust from the desktop computer? Does it matter how much dust is inside the computer
How to clean the dust from the desktop computer? Does it matter how much dust is inside the computer?
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Desktop computer dust cleaning method

1. Required cleaning tools

Wipes, screwdrivers, brushes, LCD cleaning kits, paper towels, erasers.

2. Computer dust cleaning tutorial

(1) Remove the back cover of the case with a screwdriver. Many desktop computers now have a nut on the back, which can be easily unscrewed by hand. If that doesn't work, it is better to use a screwdriver.

(2) Disassemble each part, such as: motherboard, graphics card, memory module, independent sound card, etc., and place them on a soft cloth or other soft material to avoid damaging these accessories.

(3) Clean up these accessories one by one. First use a hair dryer or a soft cloth to clean the motherboard. You can also use a brush to clean each slot. The slot is the easiest to get dust. You can wipe it back and forth several times with an eraser to make the surface smooth and free of impurities.

(4) For cleaning the memory module, it is recommended to wipe it repeatedly with an eraser until the memory module appears bright in color, so that the oxides attached to the memory module can be removed to maintain a good contact with the memory slot. . If it is an ordinary memory module, pay attention when cleaning the storage particles, and do not damage the chip capacitor assembly.

(5) The radiator is the hardest-hit area where dust is concentrated in the host computer. For computer experts, you can try to remove the radiator after washing the metal part of the fan. After cleaning, remember to dry it, or use a hair dryer to blow dry. For newbies, it is recommended to use traditional brushes and air blowers for dust removal. At the same time, it is recommended that this part of the cleaning work be moved outdoors, or wear a mask indoors for cleaning. After all the impurities inside the case are cleaned up, the components can be assembled according to the hole positions.
What are the effects of computer dust?

(1) It will affect the stability of the host.

(2) Too much dust will cause static electricity to damage circuit boards and electronic components, which will reduce their stability and service life.

(3) If it is wet, it will be a short circuit.

How often is the desktop computer dusted

The cleaning time is determined by the environment in which the computer is placed. In a relatively clean environment, the fan is usually cleaned once every six months, and the motherboard is cleaned once a year.

If the surrounding environment is harsh, such as the place where coal, ore and other places are stored, there is a lot of dust and it needs to be cleaned frequently. Generally, the fan is cleaned every 3 months and the motherboard is cleaned every six months.

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