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What to do if the computer has insufficient memory
What to do if the computer has insufficient memory
Method one: restart the computer

Restarting the computer can close some unnecessary programs, and it will not occupy the system memory space.

Method 2: Close useless programs

Open task management to see if there are many plug-ins or unused software running. Sometimes we open the software and bring many plug-ins to run in the background. This will cause the computer to run out of memory.

Method 3: Increase virtual memory

Reasonable setting of virtual memory For some novices, it may not be how to set up virtual memory, so it is easy to receive the message of "virtual memory" shortage. First click the "Control Panel" on the start menu, find the "System" option, click it, and then select "Advanced System Configuration" on the pop-up window, and then click "Settings" of the virtual memory on the pop-up window. Then click to select the "Advanced" option, and finally check the "Automatically manage the paging file size of all drives (A)" and click OK to save. In this case, the amount of hard disk space used as virtual memory in the computer is set to the default value.

Method 4: Increase available disk space

Empty unnecessary files in the Recycle Bin first. Then delete the temporary file, how to delete it? This is to organize the disks, select "Properties" on the C, D, and E disks, and then click "Disk Defragmentation". There are many junk files that are useless. Then delete many expired archived files from the disk. And delete all files that have never been used, which is usually deleted by netizens when they are downloaded and used. Will not take up memory space.

Method 5: There is a problem with the running software

When we download a certain software or use a certain program, if there is insufficient memory and other programs can run, it may be caused by a problem with the program, then try uninstalling the program and installing the program.

Method 6: Use memory optimization software

You can use memory optimization software to increase the efficiency of your system.

Method 7: Turn off startup items

If there are too many programs started by netizens at startup, then some programs must be closed. We select "Run" on the start menu and then enter "msconfig" on the run. Select "Start" on the pop-up window. There is no need to run when closing Procedure. as the picture shows:

Method 8: Viruses and Trojans in the computer

If there is no way, it may be infected by a virus, then use antivirus software to check and kill the whole.

Method 9: Add memory

If netizens have economic conditions, they can also add a memory stick. However, the corresponding model must be used. If you add memory, you cannot add it randomly, which may cause incompatibility.

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