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From inside to outside professional AIO, DJS-tech C215TO use instructions

publisher: Christine
Time: 2018-12-24
Summary: Nowadays, the combination of corporate office and computer is getting closer and closer. Even in the traditional industry that is not in the Internet field, in order to ensure the efficient operation of enterprises, it is impossible to break away from the information office.
From inside to outside professional AIO, DJS-tech C215TO use instructions

"External" camera design, details show professional

The PC industry has fully entered the trend of narrow borders, micro-borders and even no borders. The C215TO has ingeniously designed the camera for "outside" design in pursuit of micro-frame design. And this is probably based on the design pattern of the ThinkVison display.

Therefore, as can be seen from the details of the picture below, the screen border of the C215TO is very narrow, there is almost no physical border in the traditional sense, and only the necessary outer frame reinforcement is retained, which makes the C215TO reach an amazing level in the screen ratio. It is comparable to professional high-end display devices.

"External" camera design makes micro borders a reality

Detail design often reflects skill and professionalism. DJS has been in the business computer field for more than a decade, and naturally understands the pain points of business users. For example, a camera with a security risk, once it is controlled by a hacker, unwittingly reveals corporate privacy. By protecting against the physical baffle mode, user privacy leakage can be avoided to the utmost extent.

Detachable bracket

The one-piece computer body bracket is also an extremely important part. If it is not stable enough, it will pose a threat to the safety of the machine body.The C215TO features a detachable base that is rugged and easy to move, making it ideal for users with a tight office space.

Pop-up optical drive

Optical drives have become scarce species on current computer equipment, but business users still have certain usage needs. The DJS C215TO retains the side-mounted optical drive design,which is undoubtedly a gift in the snow for users in need.

Rich Interface

Interface configuration is an important factor in testing the power of business computers. The interface configuration includes two directions: location design and interface type. DJS C215TO is a very professional commercial product, and its interface configuration layout adds a lot of points.

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