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What are the reasons why the computer hard disk cannot be recognized?

publisher: Christine
Time: 2019-01-22
Summary: When the laptop hard disk fails, it will be unable to read the data and cannot identify the hard disk and other faults. If there is a failure, how do you determine the cause of these failures?
What are the reasons why the computer hard disk cannot be recognized?
1. The hard disk does not respond after the power is applied.
When the power is turned on and the notebook is turned on, it is found that the hard disk does not respond, and the hard disk cannot be found in the BIOS. If this happens, most of it is caused by a problem with the hard disk motor. At this time, you should find a professional maintenance staff to carry out repairs.
2. The hard disk makes a "beep" sound
When the laptop's hard drive makes a "beep" sound or other abnormal sound, the head has a problem. At this time, the laptop should be shut down immediately and the laptop should be taken to a professional repair location for repair. Otherwise, your precious data will never go back.
3. Unable to access data and unable to copy data
When you enter the operating system, you can see the data on the hard disk, but you can't access the data, and you can't copy and paste the data. When this happens, you can basically determine that there are bad sectors on the hard disk, or there may be problems with the hard disk firmware. You can use the bad software to test whether the hard disk has bad sectors.
4. The hard disk is operating normally and the BIOS cannot detect it.
When the laptop is started, the hard disk is not detected in the BIOS, but the hard disk can operate normally. This situation is basically caused by a firmware problem, or it may be that the hard disk initialization information is lost. If this happens, the data is basically unsuccessful.
5. Hard disk misidentification
When using a laptop, it was found that the laptop hard disk detected in the BIOS is different from the actual hard disk. This situation is caused by the disk head offset, or it may be a problem with the hard disk firmware, causing the hard disk to be misidentified.

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