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What is diffence between a tablet pc with a Mobile Internet pc?

publisher: Christine
Time: 2019-02-27
What is diffence between a tablet pc with a Mobile Internet pc?
      MID, Mobile Internet Device, a mobile Internet device, is a new concept mini-notebook introduced by Intel at the 2008 IDF conference. In Intel's definition, this is a mobile Internet device that is smaller than a laptop but larger than a cell phone. MID is similar to UMPC. It is also a portable PC product that is easy to carry. Through MID, users can enter the Internet and enjoy entertainment, information inquiry, and mail sending and receiving.
      Tablet Personal Computer (Tablet PC, Flat Pc, Tablet, Slates) is a small, portable personal computer with a touch screen as the basic input device. Its proprietary touch screen (also known as the tablet technology) allows users to work with a stylus or digital pen instead of a traditional keyboard or mouse. Users can use built-in handwriting recognition, on-screen soft keyboard, voice recognition or a real keyboard (if equipped with this model). The tablet is proposed by Bill Gates, at least it should be the X86 architecture. From the tablet concept product proposed by Microsoft, the tablet is a PC that does not need to be flipped, has no keyboard, is small enough to fit into the ladies handbag, but is fully functional. 
      Tablet PC manufacturers mainly use the three major operating systems of Android, iOS and Windows, and many MID vendors generally develop their own or use open software to develop operating systems.

      So the two actually have the essential difference. The tablet computer is a standard computer, but the input device is replaced by the touch screen, and the body parts are more integrated and can be smaller. The MID is just like a mobile phone, but it has more computer functions than a mobile phone and has a device with mobile storage. It is not a computer.

      Generally speaking, MID is a portable device with a screen larger than the average mobile phone and smaller than the tablet, the function is equal to or stronger than the mobile phone, but smaller than the tablet, can not be connected to the mouse and keyboard, and can be connected to the inter-chain network. The tablet is a reduced and touch-enabled computer.

      Now, with the development of the times, especially the popularity and technology of mobile phones and tablets, many functions of MID now overlap with mobile phones and tablets, and the definition between them is gradually blurred. I believe that in the future, the tablet, Mobile phones, MIDs will become more and more similar, and even gradually one.

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