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New product 12.1 inch all in one pos terminal for supermarket,restaurant,coffee shop.

publisher: Christine
Time: 2019-03-16
New product 12.1 inch all in one pos terminal for supermarket,restaurant,coffee shop.

product feature
1.Report analysis is in full view
Detailed analysis of the day's business conditions and monthly comparison;
Instant analysis of gold medal dishes, best-selling dishes, and unsalable dishes;
Comprehensive analysis of high-yield customers, loyal customers, and recent loss of customers.
2.More professional business management
Table state partition status: idle, in use, pending clearing, etc.;
Provide hotel reservations: number, call reservation, banquet reservation, pre-order;
Support bar code production; touch the whole product; touch the dish by product.

3.Wonderful information transmission care
Through SMS, the information such as reservation, stored value, consumption, balance, point inquiry, promotion, etc. are automatically pushed to promote member consumption.
4.Fashion a la carte, instant enjoyment

Full-screen touch, perfect customer experience,

Easy to complete the reading of food details, table, order, order.

Front management
◇ Support the opening of tables, turntables, Taiwan, Taiwan, Taiwan, banquets, banquets, etc.
◇ Provide a la carte, clear, gift, hang, call, reminder, practice, feeding, changing dishes, cooking, specials, gifts, promotions, more than one product, temporary set of functions;
◇ Support the market mainstream tablet (IPAD or Android) wireless ordering, touch screen ordering and Si Xun a la carte treasure;
◇ Provide invoice gift certificate management, handover, daily settlement, manager inquiry, front-end member recharge, storage management, etc.
Kitchen print
◇ Support multi-thread parallel processing printing; real-time printer status monitoring;
◇ Provide network port instructions and serial command schemes without installing drivers;
◇ Provide line detection function to facilitate judgment of faults;
◇ Split kitchen, multi-kitchen, multi-bar counter, support regional kitchen management.

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