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ComPOSxb 15.6 inch pos pc cash register with barcode scanner J1900 For Shop POS

publisher: liuwenqing
Time: 2019-04-28
Summary: We understand your business and need to manage a large number of orders, people, kitchens and dining tables - we know what the restaurant needs. It has a powerful back-end database that can solve complex problems
 15.6 inch pos pc j1900 smart commercial cash register 
Professional computer manufacturer. Our sales and R&D team has more than 10 years of experience, focusing on POS research, synchronizing with computers and specialized equipment, based on innovation.
It can run on Windows platforms
Simplify order management, automate the kitchen and maintain cash control. It is easy to learn and supports a variety of hardware. Perfect use in Windows system
Windows leader
We have tried all the open source POS we can find, and Windows is by far the best in terms of simplicity and functionality."
The POS is one of the first POS-based restaurant POSs to be released in the public domain. It has grown steadily over the past six years, and according to Google statistics, it is the most commonly used restaurant POS

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