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Do you want an all-in-one computer? Want to know what use?

publisher: liuwenqing
Time: 2019-05-23
Summary: A full-size desktop computer, although more cumbersome than an all-in-one model, can provide similar performance with less money, especially if you already have a monitor, you can work and play games, all aspects. It all shows how beautiful it is to have a computer.

Even if you do need to purchase a new monitor, the total cost of your full-size desktop and monitor may still be lower than the equivalent.

Just look for a resolution of at least 1920x1080 - no matter what screen size or brand you like, the full-size desktop is easier to upgrade and repair than the all-in-one model. However, in order to be compact and convenient, the all-in-one machine is hard to beat.

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