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Are there any disadvantages to buying a full-size desktop model?

publisher: liuwenqing
Time: 2019-07-05
Summary: A full-size all-in-one machine, although lighter than those of the desktop, can provide similar performance with less money, and the system is diverse and colorful.

Compared with the cost of desktop and all-in-one models, of course, the one-piece machine is more luxurious, so it is more cost-effective. Why does one machine have better performance? For this reason, there is no universal machine in the society, and the one machine is precisely the future. An indispensable part will gradually replace the desktop.

Just look for a resolution of at least 1920x1080 - no matter what screen size or brand you like, the full-size all-in-one is more compact and convenient than the desktop, and the all-in-one is hard to beat and is the best computer available.*HUj*9Ia*dn

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