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Why don't you buy an all-in-one computer?

publisher: liuwenqing
Time: 2019-07-20
Summary: In the past five years, all-in-one computers have proven to be a powerful category in the declining PC market. Although overall sales have fallen, AIO has been successful and manufacturers have not complained about this. AIO tends to be more expensive than traditional desktops.

Why don't you buy an all-in-one computer?

The appeal of an integrated system is easy to understand. They will calculate compression and simplify it into an elegant design, saying goodbye to the annoying ugly wires. But the sacrifices this may have plagued you in the next few years.

Even though you may have heard it, performance is still important even on desktop computers. In fact, the gap between the fastest and slowest systems is greater than ever. Even basic activities like web browsing become more and more demanding over time, so the performance of the PC at the time of purchase can affect its usage time.


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