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The best all-in-one desktop computer for every budget?

publisher: Jack
Time: 2019-12-06
Summary: Although laptops have dominated the computing space for the past decade, it's worth considering an all-in-one desktop for your next computer. The desktop has a more comfortable keyboard, and the display is large enough to hold two or three windows at the same time. This helps to avoid stress on the eyes, neck, wrists and back. But the benefits of desktops are beyond your health
The performance of this 21.5-inch desktop, and some competitors' prices, is twice that of the latter. This $ 400 computer with 12GB of RAM and a graphics card that can handle demanding games can handle almost all the applications you throw at it
It has 8GB of memory, a 32GB solid-state drive, and a 1TB hard drive. It has excellent performance and is one of the fastest models we have tested. The solid-state drive stores the operating system and applications to help the computer launch and launch applications
In addition to its appearance, it also has an ultra-high-definition 21.5-inch display that can be rotated downwards, making it feel more efficient and natural to work like a desktop graphics tablet.

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