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Best diary apps for Windows 10

publisher: jack
Time: 2019-12-13
Summary: desktop all in one computer win10

Although many people can still keep paper diaries or diaries, the Windows Store offers a number of applications that make it easier to record events of the day. These diary apps for Windows 10 are capable of storing your written ideas, photos and even drawings. Many servers are password protected to protect your personal thoughts, while some servers can share your thoughts with others when needed

But it is a very powerful application for Windows 10. The app has multiple drawing tools and also supports inserting images into diary pages, audio clips and video footage. You can create a vertical or horizontal scrolling parallax page with four separate layers and save the scrolling page as a video.

Journalists support launching cameras to capture new images of a page, or you can insert existing photos in the gallery. Also supports inserting map images of your location

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