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How to get better graphics on old PC games

publisher: jack
Time: 2019-12-20
Summary: How to get better graphics on old PC games

1. Even though my Steam library is full of new games I bought on the fly, it's hard to resist the charm of classic games. But running old games on a modern PC is more complicated than you think. Although the pixelated graphics of the 80s and 90s were attractive, outdated polygons in early 3D games sometimes hindered the gaming experience

2. With appropriate adjustments and techniques, you can make these games look more beautiful on modern gear. It won't make Dragon Age: Origins look as good as The Witcher 3, but it will improve in many ways

3.Before the mid-2000s, most games used low-resolution 4: 3 images to match the display we were using at the time. If you try to play these games on a modern HD 16: 9 display, you will end up with black bars on the sides-not to mention some severely jagged edges in low resolution graphics. Great, but it would be great if you could fill the entire screen of the game (without stretching the image and making everyone look like a Hart Jabba)

4.With the change of the times, today's game graphics cards are more than 1060, suitable for playing games, eating chicken, League of Legends, etc.

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