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How big is the computer memory? What are the benefits of having a large computer memory?

publisher: Chen
Time: 2019-12-23
Summary: How big is the computer memory? What are the benefits of having a large computer memory?
How big is the computer memory? What are the benefits of having a large computer memory?
Benefits of large memory modules

Computer memory is an important part to ensure the normal operation of the system. The calculation and processing of data by the CPU are obtained from the memory, and the data in the memory comes from the hard disk. With a large amount of memory, you can make your computer run faster, but there are other benefits that you may not be familiar with.

In the past, memory was very expensive and the capacity was very small. Many of the computer cards we used to talk about were memory. Indeed, a small memory capacity will seriously affect the speed of the system. But now the memory capacity is very large, 4G, 8G and even 16G are very common. In fact, we don't use such a large capacity, 32-bit systems only recognize 3.5G of memory, so how to use the extra capacity? please watch the following part.

We all know that the reading and writing of files required by the system are performed on the hard disk. Hard disk speed is limited, the fastest is a few hundred megabytes of read speed, and the write is even slower. However, the read and write speed of the memory is several gigabytes, which is measured in G, which is more than ten or even dozens of times faster on the hard disk. If we can allocate the excess memory capacity for use as a hard disk, wouldn't it greatly speed up reading and writing and make programs run faster? The answer is yes.

How big is the computer memory

Memory is the CPU and hard disk, and temporary storage space when the program is running. It is very important. If the memory is too small, the temporary space when the system is running is not enough. This will enable the page file on the hard disk and the speed will inevitably decrease. This is why the machine with small memory reads the disk frequently. So how big is the memory module?

In general, we can suggest different memory configurations based on different user groups, but they all have one thing in common-4G is gradually becoming standard.
Win7 / Win8 has replaced XP as the mainstream system, and the system's no-load memory footprint exceeds 1G. It would not work with 2G memory. More and more applications occupy more than 2G of memory. It can be seen that 4G has become standard. In addition, some professional software and game masterpieces have more than 4GB of memory. At present, the price of a single 4G is moderate, regardless of capacity or future upgrades. If the budget is sufficient, 8GB or larger capacity can be considered. For ordinary users who plan to install or upgrade memory in the near future, 8GB is enough, and 16GB is a waste. Through testing, it can be found that whether it is daily applications or playing games, 8GB can already meet the basic needs of ordinary users, 16GB is temporarily unnecessary.
In some games or game scenarios, 4GB of memory sometimes becomes the performance bottleneck of the graphics card. If you have ample budget, you may wish to upgrade to 8GB of memory.
In short, at present, for most users, 16GB is a waste. 4GB sometimes becomes the bottleneck of the CPU or GPU, and 8GB is the most suitable.

Computer memory purchase recommendations

Many users' understanding of memory stays at the level of "bigger is better". It is true that the capacity of the system's physical memory has a great impact on the performance of a machine, especially when running some large programs and working in multiple windows. The amount of memory is very important. However, for players who are keen on DIY, it is obviously not enough to focus on capacity when buying memory.
1. For the office family
The author recommends using a single 4G memory, and users who already have 2G memory can add an additional group of dual channels to cope with the increasing demand for memory capacity.

For gamers
Newly installed users should start with a single 4G, sufficient budget, dual-channel 8GB, or subsequent upgrades, because the memory of the game is also increasing.

3. Professional software users
For professional software users, especially advertising design users who edit large banners with PhotoShop, the author recommends directly loading a single 8G. On the one hand, 4G memory pressure will be very large, on the other hand, it will also facilitate the upgrade of 8Gx2 dual channels in the future.

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