SZ DJS Co.,Ltd.
after-sales service:

Shenzhen Dajinsheng Electronics Co., Ltd. takes "customer first, quality first" as its tenet, makes full use of excellent working environment and advanced product strength, exerts high-quality scientific and technological strength and years of production practice experience, takes product quality as its lifeline, and wholeheartedly provides high-quality products and good after-sales service to customers with perfect organization and management organization and quality standard system.

1. Quality Control
1.1 The company organizes the manufacturing process of products strictly according to ISO 9001 quality assurance system to ensure the high quality of computer PC. In the process of production organization, product quality control is included in the company's quality assurance system to ensure that each process is under control.

1.2 The products manufactured by our company can only be supplied to customers after passing the whole process of development (or technology introduction) of prototype, trial production and small batch production.

1.3 The Company implements traceability management for all pc products. Important zero materials and components, such as CPU, memory, motherboard and graphics card, etc., have performance test reports. Provide certificates of origin and quality reports to ensure that the products can fully meet customer requirements.

1. 4 Each pc will pass advanced performance test, and important products will be sampled for type test to ensure that each pc provided to customers is an excellent product.

1. 5 Materials Delivered with Products:

1.5.1 List of Goods;

1.5.2 Product instruction manual;

1.5.3 Product Quality Guarantee and Certificate of Conformity;

2. Promise of Delivery Time

2.1 The company will deliver the goods strictly according to the time stipulated in the contract. At the same time that customers feel relieved about our products, they feel convenient and gratified to use our products.

2.2 After the company's products are delivered to the place designated by the customer, the customer shall send someone to the site for acceptance, sign for and reply, and the company will make a reservation for inquiry.

3. Service Commitment

3.1 The company provides first-class after-sales service to customers. If the customer needs technical support during the installation process, the company will dispatch after-sales service personnel to provide technical consulting services; If the customer has any problems during installation or use, the company will make a technical response within 1 hour after receiving the customer's notice, formulate a service plan within 4 hours, and send personnel to the site within 4-72 hours.

4. Quality Assurance

4.1 The Company guarantees that the supplied goods are brand new and unused, and adopt the best materials and first-class technology, and meet the quality, specification and performance requirements stipulated in the contract in all aspects. Party B guarantees that the goods will run well during the life of the goods after proper installation, reasonable operation and maintenance. Be responsible for any defects or faults caused by defects in design, process or materials within the specified quality guarantee period.

4.2 The warranty period of the Company for the products is 24 months from the final acceptance of the goods. Three insurances shall be implemented within the warranty period: repair, replacement and return. The products provided by our company are invalid due to quality problems such as material defects, poor manufacturing and unreasonable design. We promise to guarantee the products within one year and provide technical support. And implement life-long service.